ATi Radeon 5850 Released and Reviewed (Crossfire X Included)

The admirable little brother to the 5870 which was released last week is now out and reviewed! The card itself is cheaper, shorter, uses less power, and a little bit slower than it's bigger brother. It seems to perform abouyt 15-20% slower than the 5870 and about 15-20% better than the GTX 285, it's target competitor. This really blows the GTX 285 away though since it's signicantly cheaper $50+ price difference, is DX11 capable/ready, and has a whole host of other 5800 exclusive features (eyefinity, and stellar crossfirex performance).

It looks like ATi has another winner on it's hands. That is, until the GT300 comes out which will again likely perform better but be significantly higher. Can't wait till they all start dropping in price! ;)


Newegg has not listed the card yet, but Amazon has couple listed.


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Adorama begins shipping out pre-orders for the Canon 7D today.

I just received word that Adorama has started shipping out their pre-orders for the Canon EOS 7D today. They must've gotten hundreds to be shipping out orders placed within at least the first week!


Canon 7D Starts Shipping

So the date has finally come. I must say, "end of September," really meant end of September, but where's mine?

It looks like several stores (many in Canada) have started receiving shipments of the 7D. A couple lucky people too on POTN and DPreview have received theirs and posted about it.


Nikon D3s Rumor Mills Up and Running!

It looks like the rumor mills are humming with supposed specs and info regarding a Nikon D3 refresh (same 12.1MP FX sensor), a D3s. Much like the D300s did for the D300, the D3s will likely add HD video recording (1080p @ 24 fps?) and possibly 14 fps (WOW!). Now they are also speculating that it will have ISO expansion up to 102,400, that's like beyond seeing in the dark.

More regarding the D3s at Nikon Rumors!


Wacom Introduces New Multi-Touch Tablets, Feels Great!

This week, Wacom has introduced a new line of Bamboo tablets. I have been wanting one for sometime now but could not quite justify the cost. Now I have a new reason to get excited again, multi-touch! Who doesn't love multi-touch? I've written about why it's so cool and the future, but the new tablet brings multi-touch and pen-input to the masses (destkop users and notebook/netbook users alike). In addition to the familiar pen input, you can now scroll through pages effortlessly, zoom, rotate, and interact with your programs. If you're familar with the EEE PC's multitouch trackpad or the macbook's, you'll know how superior they are to regular trackpads. You can never go back.

There are five new models in a variety of sizes and configurations. Some do touch capabilities only, others pen only, and several with both pen and multi-touch together.

Amazon is now selling the Bamboo Touch (touch input only) and the Bamboo Pen and Touch for $70 and ~$90 respectively.

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