MSI ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB PCI-E Video Card and OCZ OALKBELXUS Wired Ergonomics Keyboard for $15 AR

ZipZoomFly has the MSI Radeon 4350 and OCZ ergonomic keyboard for $15 after two rebates (rebate1 for MSI, rebate2 for ocz). The keyboard is essentially free after reabte. The video card is perfect for any budget PC build where you need a little more power than onoard (G45) graphics capabilities for decoding HD video and photoshop, etc...


ATi Launches the Radeon HD 5800 Series (5870 and 5850)

The other day, ATi announced and released their 5800 series in anticipation of the October 22 release of Windows 7 and DirectX 11. These two performance cards use the same core codenamed Cypress. The cards run at 850Mhz and 725Mhz respectively and both have 1GB of onboard GDDR5 RAM.

Pricing for the cards is $379 for the 5870 and $259 for the 5850, quite a bargain at its current performance against the Nvidia GTX285 and even 295, depending on the game/benchmark. With 40nm now comlete on it's high end (first debuted on the 4770), the ball is now in nvidia's court to see how they will respond. If history is anything to go off of, they should be able to sqeak out a slight lead but will liekly price their cards much above ATi's offering. Hopefully DirectX 11 will take off with Windows 7 unlike DX10 and Vista which got off to a rocky start and still has not found its way into gamer's PCs.

With the move to 40nm comes increased efficiencies. The idle power consumption of the new cards which will cut down on energy usage and heat. The 5870 only sips a humble 27 watts whereas the 4870 drew 90 watts. This is certainly a welcome change.

One other exciting feature of the 5800 series is the native support for three monitors in a variety of configurations. Future cards will support up to 6 monitors, WOW! The cards feature two dual-link DVI ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 DisplayPort. To use three monitors, you will need to use the 2 DVI ports and the DisplayPort.

In addition, the HD 5870 X2 (codenamed Hemlock) has been spotted. Look at the size of that thing! It's slightly longer than the 5870 and uses a 6+2pin PCI-Express and 6-pin PCI-E connector for power.

Availability at the moment is rough. Only the 5870s are currently listed at retailers, but the 5850's should arrive next month in time for Windows 7.

Right now the only place I found taking orders is Amazon, for the Sapphire 5870 edition (Same price of $370 + free shipping).

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Amazon Resumes Pre-Orders for the Canon 7D

2 weeks after it stopped taking pre-orders for the upcoming Canon EOS 7D, Amazon has resumed taking orders for the body only and kit bundle (with the new 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens) for the same price of $1699 and $1899 respectively. I wonder how long this will last. It's a first come first serve pre-order, so get your orders in!


Playstation 3 Slim (120GB) for $251 at Dell

Dell.com (Dell EPP) has the newly released 120GB PlayStation 3 for $251 and free shipping. You still have to pay tax, but it's $50 below the retail price of $299, so you can't complain. At least, shipping is free! Dell Preferred Accounts can save an additional 4% at checkout. The discount to $251 appears after you've added it to the cart.


Team Fortress 2 for $8.99 at Amazon.com

Amazon.com has Team Fortress 2 for $8.99 plus free super saver shipping with orders of $25 or more. If you've heard of this game, you know how fun it is. If you haven't heard of it, then you're definitely missing out, what are you waiting for?